About Ms.Chemist


  • Rapping since I was 13 years old.
  • Born in Berlin, Germany
  • Raised in Costa Rica. Lived there for about 13 years.
  • Moved to San Francisco for music & school.
  • I attended San Francisco State University, obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Lived in San Francisco for about 5 1/2 years. Love it there!
  • I was part of a Hip Hop Fusion dance company.
  • I currently live somewhere in Berlin…
  • Favorite Rapper: Eminem & J. Cole
  • In my stage name Ms.Chemist, there is no space between the . (period) and the C!



Ms.Chemist, originally from Berlin, Germany, did not start off wanting to be a rap artist. At the age of six, she moved to Costa Rica and was on her way to become a professional soccer player. Unfortunately, her plan fell through when a severe injury led to some permanent damages with her foot. This time-out was a beginning of another aspiration to explore her other talent for writing and rapping.

Ms.Chemist got her first taste of Rap/Hip-Hop when she stumbled upon Eminem’s song, ‘The Way I am.’ “I remember I was in my living room watching TV and I was switching channels trying to find something entertaining. Then I stumbled upon Eminem’s music video for ‘The Way I am,’ I was immediately hooked. I remember getting ‘The Eminem Show’ CD right after that… ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’ wasn’t in stock that day, so I got it later on.”

With all the time she had to recuperate, Ms.Chemist began writing a lot of poetry to cope with the reality that she wouldn’t be able to play soccer again, “I had a lot of time in my hands since I had a cast on my foot and needed crutches to move around. All I did was go to school and be home in my bed doing homework, listening to music and writing poetry.”

Ms.Chemist spent a lot of her time analyzing Eminem’s lyrics, and would read along to them while listening to his music, “I analyzed his music like we would analyze poems in school. I dissected his rhyme schemes and his wordplay, his analogies, metaphors, punch lines and so forth. And this helped me to start writing my own lyrics.”

Ms.Chemist use to suffer from stage fright and she knew that if she wanted to become a rapper she had to overcome it. So after she wrote her first rap and recorded it, she decided to perform at her High School weekly assembly meeting, “To overcome your fears, you need to face them, so I did that. Now, I don’t think that should apply to everything.”

“The name Ms.Chemist… I came up with it when I was 17 years old. I was definitely inspired by the science. I love chemistry and for a split second even considered majoring in it. One day I was trying to update my name on my freaken Messenger and for some reason it wouldn’t take my name ‘Catharina.’ So I thought Ok, I should write a nickname or something, and all of a sudden ‘Ms.Chemist’ hit me, I digged it and I wrote that in. Then I had a lot of friends react to it and said that they liked it, so I decided to make it my stage name…‘The Perfect Chemical” arose when I was writing a song, and I made it as an a.k.a because it perfectly represented all of the different elements that make me an artist. Throw all the different ‘chemicals’ into the pot, mix it up, and the result is ‘The Perfect Chemical’ = Ms.Chemist…I am not really claiming I am perfect…So at the end, although it sort came of out of nowhere, it made perfect sense.”

Ms.Chemist also thrives in the dance community. In Fall 2009, she joined SoulForce Dance Company and had an opportunity of dancing at the annual San Francisco Hip Hop Dancefest. After a year, she left SoulForce to focus more on school and music.

Ms.Chemist attended San Francisco State University and obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management (May 2013).

On May 2014, Ms.Chemist dropped her EP “Against All Odds I Will.” Recorded in the Bay Area, California.

On October 13, 2015; Ms.Chemist dropped her follow up EP entitled “Under My Armor.” Recorded in Berlin, Germany.

Ms.Chemist is currently working on her next project. TBA.




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