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Lyrics by: Ms.Chemist
Photo by: Schoeneberg Xray
Graphic Design by: Ms.Chemist
Executive Producer: Ms.Chemist
Beats by: Rapitfly Beats, Grizzly Beats
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by: Legato Sound Studios


I am extremely proud of this project, which I am sure almost every artist says about their new current project. Admittedly I was not very satisfied with my previous album, “Against All Odds I Will,” and I felt that way when I released it. I think the music was great, but I was no longer living with it. That album released in 2014 when it should have been completed and released way over a year prior…but unfortunately I listened and followed people I should have never associated myself to begin with. My belief in them, and my belief that they believed in me, sidetracked and delayed me. I released a project and did not get a chance to do anything with it due to unfortunately having to leave the USA…then I find out the team I thought I had for the past few years, I never had to begin with. All talk no walk. Anyway…

UNDER MY ARMOR is a new chapter.

These are songs I wrote once arriving to Germany with the exception of one song, which technically half of it I wrote years ago… This album takes you on a journey from the point of wearing an “Armor” and being shielded, to then taking it off, leaving you completely bare and vulnerable. So vulnerable that I question and realize my own mortality… It is about the confidence we have in whatever it is we do, the strength we have to proceed in life and fight for our dreams or whatever it is we love and believe in…but no matter how strong we are, behind closed doors, we still struggle. We have pain. We have heartbreak. We have disappointments. We have fears. This EP takes you from one end to the next. On one end we are so strong, but with strength comes vulnerability. We are fragile no matter how strong we think we are or have built ourselves. No matter how many armors we wear, we can always get hurt, fail, cry, fear and so on… That is what makes us human. The key is to accept it. Lets welcome what life throws at us and throw it right back…sooo all my experiences, I turned it into this album and I am throwing it into the Universe.

I hope you enjoy UNDER MY ARMOR.

Yours truly,