Is it a Concert or a Karaoke Gig??

I do not understand why so many rappers rap over their vocal tracks when they hit stage (Literally their CDs are playing)… I have a theory though: They cannot perform without them. And if you cannot perform without your vocal tracks then don’t perform them. Actually don’t even record the song(s)… Why would I want to go see you live and pay a large amount of money when you are not really performing? Instead you are giving me a karaoke kind of show… I rather keep my ass home and play your CD in my speakers and sit down on my couch and have a beer and not go through the hassle… And me knowing that you perform over your vocals makes me not want to buy your music anymore, because for me it means that you cheated in the recording studio. One thing is to have your chorus vocals playing as a support if you don’t have back up vocal singers and what not…But damn, your entire freaken song?!? I don’t care if you are the biggest or the greatest rapper alive, if you cannot perform live, for me you are just another one… I have a lot of respect for artists (rappers, singers) who do it live all the time, even artists I do not listen to I have a lot of respect for them… Just saying….

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